Not everybody knows that the fishing is still practiced on Lake Como. This art has been passed on through generations. And it happened to Alessandro and his father, who also spent his life fishing in the lake.

This job is really demanding, it is practiced in every kind of weather and it leaves little time to sleep. It is necessary to know the lake, its secrets and its behavior. It is more a passion than a job.

The fisherman Alessandro will be delighted to share his job with people interested in fishing that wants to follow the fishing and the cleaning steps.


The professional fishing made by Alessandro is eco-friendly. The fisherman uses different nets depending on the kind of fish to be fished (selective fishing). The aim of this kind of fishing is to give the fish the possibility to reproduce themselves in order to guarantee the natural balance of lake fauna. There are rules that claim the fishing stops during the year for the eggs laying.

During the nets laying it is also necessary to care about winds and currents that could cause the lost of a night of hard work.