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Fishing tourism

Fresh fish dishes
Own fishing

Fish processing

Large car parking - Mooring boats

Ichthytourism, i.e. Agritourism in order to enjoy the fish caught, in the Lake of Como, by the owner, Alessandro Sala, professional fischerman, a chance for knowing the fresh water fish and its own environment.

No less important is slightest way from the fishing net to the frying pan ( il pesce dalla rete alla padella).

You can also follow the fishing and fishworking stages, since the Ichthytourism Mella has a workroom and a selling point.



The Mella is approx 1 km far from Bellagio centre, in The San Giovanni hamlet, an oasis of peace with its paths and the small harbour.

It is also among the ones which have the "Gustavo pesce di lago" mark (a joke from the name Gustavo and the verb, i.e. enjoy), an official acknowledgement of the Province of Como for the fishermen and restaurateurs who look after the wild fish protection and improvement.

A little of History...

In 1958 Rino Sala, a professional fisherman, and his wife Graziella Raineri, taken over the two centuries years old “ Trattoria Mella”.

They introduced a new activity, on the Lake of Como, which offered a good link between professional lake fishing and cuisine. Today, Alessandro, a professional fisherman, keeps these traditions on. In fact he catches fresh-water fish daily, then his wife Rosy proposes it in their menu.
sala principale

Since 2010 Alessandro e Rosy begin a new adventure: the Ichthytourism.

So you can enjoy increased proposals.

Remember that the proposals follow the seasonal course of the fishing.

We invite therefore the clients and all lake lovers to try this fascinating experience. You 'll learn something new, you 'll enjoy delicious dishes and you 'll stay in a romantic lake hamlet.